Beauty Services

Find your inner Beauty

Bloom into the attractive woman you have been destined to be with our beauty services to enhance your beauty.

Fringe Cut

53 AED

Strands or locks of hair long enough to fall over the scalps front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though sometimes they can even cover the eyes.

Hair Trim

84 AED

The benefits of regular hair trimming are to remove split ends and hairdamage. This will make hair appear to grow faster because the hair will break less, and thus grow longer in a shorter amount of time.

Hair Cutting

158 AED

Enjoy a new haircut at Oriental Spa for a change.

Hair washing

53 AED

Cosmetic act of keeping hair clean by washing it, to remove sebum from hair.

Hair Blow-drying

84 - 158 AED

Dry your hair straight or wavy, often to give it a particular style.

Hair Fair

84 - 158 AED

It's usually done after washing and drying the hair to style it perfectly.

Hair Coloring

315 UP AED

Cover gray or white hair, change to a new color or restore your original hair color.

Hair Coloring Retouch

315 AED

You should get your roots touched up every couple of weeks depends on how fast your hair grow.

Hair Henna

158 - 263 AED

This is one of the most ancient natural dyes used for dying of hair. This natural vegetable dye, it's used to create color shades. It makes hair soft and silky.

Hair Styling

263 - 368 AED

There are many ways to do a fabulous hair style, choose your favorite and let us do it for you.

Hair Roots Color

263 AED

Roots typically appear two to three weeks following color service, visit us at Oriental Spa and let us do the work!

Hair Highlight / Low-light

315 UP AED

Lowlights involve darkening strands of hair by using colours that are darker than your natural colour. In contrast, highlights use colours that are lighter than your natural shade.  

Eyebrows Bleaching

53 AED

Bleaching your eyebrows will give you the best eyebrow care and restore the natural look.


105 AED

Brightens your face like a facelift. Be the one to be recognized.

Face, neck & chest

126 AED

Give your face, neck and chest a complete bleach care for a unified look and the perfect feeling of being cleansed.

Upper Lip

27 AED

Sometimes, it requires an expert’s hand to perfect the beauty. With upper lip threading you can redefine your beauty and feminity.


32 AED

Chin threading removes unwanted hair, leaving your skin soft and smooth to the touch. Threading by the best make-up stylist is what you need on the to-do list.

Chin with Neck

53 AED

Sometimes doing chin threading won’t suffice. Do the chin with neck threading to give you a complete clean threading feel.

Full Face

105 AED

Full face threading is the complete threading package for you, with the best results.

Classic Manicure & Pedicure

M: Normal cleaning for fingernails including cutting, shaping, cutting cuticles and application of plain nail polish.

P: Normal cleaning for toe nails including cutting, shaping, cutting cuticles, removing the calloused plain poliosh application.

M                               69 AED

P                                90 AED

Nail Polish

To refresh fingernails or toe nails. Nails are shaped and painted in a color of your choice.

M                               32 AED

P                                32 AED


To refresh fingernails or toe nails. Nails are shaped and painted in french colors.

M                               42 AED

P                                42 AED

Shellac Nail Polish

A long lasting chip free manicure and pedicure, gel is applied and sealed under a UV light with natural glossy nails and instantly dry.

M                               79 AED

P                                79 AED

Nail Art

Inspirational nail design created by unique hand nail design.

M                               6 UP

P                                6 UP

Gel / Powder Acrylic Natural

315 AED

Extending nails by using artificial tips or paper form and molding nails by applying Gland Acrylic Powder.

Gel / Powder Acrylic French

368 AED

Extending nails by using artificial tips or paper form and molding nails by applying Gland Acrylic French Powder.

Refill Full Set Natural

263 AED

Extnding the nails by using artificial tips or paper form and molding nails by applying Gel & Acrylic Powder.

Refill Full Set French

294 AED

The French nail polish needs regular care and touchup to keep up with the elegant look and beauty of the polish. Oriental Refill Full Set French will reapply, file, buff, coat and oil the nails so they look as good as new again.

Gel / Powder Full Set Overlay Natural

210 AED

Having beautiful nails is all about maintaining good nail care. Oriental Full Set Overlay gives you the extra nail protection you need, making the nails less prone to breakage or splitting.

Gel / Powder Full Set Overlay French

263 AED

Give your nails the extra layer of protection with style by Oriental Full Set Overlay French

Artificial Nails

105 AED

Apply artificial nails and design them they way you like!

Artificial Nails Removal

53 AED

Professional techniques are applied to remove artificial nails without causing any damages to your natural nails.

Gel & Powder Extension Removal

105 AED

Your nails are your fashion canvas and we all know; nail extensions bring out the best nail look you can have. Oriental Spa’s Nail Extension Removal’ helps you remove your nail extensions with care, making them fresh and clean, ready for a new look.

Cut & File with Nail Polish

42 AED

This service is perfect if you're running out of time, just prepare your nails for a color of your choice!

Gel Nail Polish Removal

42 AED

Removing of the gel polish by soaking in the acetone wrap with aluminum foil.

Dip & Buff

126 AED

Entity Dip & Buff is alternative to Traditional Acrylic Overlays. It is an acrylic system, but is applied by dipping the nails into extra fine acrylic powder rather than using the traditional application method. It gives the strength of acrylics with the look of a Gel Polish.

Dip & Buff Extension

231 AED

Extending nails by using entity Dip & Buff acrylic system with different kind of colors.

Dip & Buff French

158 AED

Entity Dip & Buff is alternative to Traditional Acrylic Overlays. It is an acrylic system, but is applied by dipping the nails into extra fine acrylic powder rather than using the traditional application method. It gives the strength of acrylics with the look of a Gel French Polish.

Perfect Sense Paraffin

The new way of paraffin treatment, perfect to treat dry skin, dehydrated, tired muscles, arthritis, eczema, spasm, and over fatigue.

M                                   121 AED

P                                    142 AED

Combo                        210 AED

Deluxe Treatment

The luxurious type of treatment for hand and feet made from the natural ingredients, treats calluses, detoxifies deep cleanse, anti-aging, and leaves the skin fresh and radiant glowing.

M                                   142 AED

P                                    163 AED

Combo                        252 AED

Mavala Nail Treatment

Treats all kinds of nail problems such as soft, splitting, yellow, and dry nails. Restores them to their normal and strong aspect.

M                                    79 AED

P                                     79 AED

Combo                        126 AED

Callus Foot Treatment


Our therapists are experienced and well trained to relieve foot pain by providing Oriental callus foot treatment using extra care on the fragile skin on your feet.

Oriental Treatment

105 UP AED

Has 3 types of organic treatment:

1.) PURIFYING: Helps to remove the excess oil from the skin and closes the pores, detoxifies, and acts as antioxidant when adding lemongrass and green tea.

2.) ANTI AGING AND WHITENING: With the help of mango and mandarin, it makes the skin balanced, glowing, nourished, and it reduces the sign of aging.

3.) RELAXING: It gives deep relaxation, soothing and calming effect, it removes the tension and helps in healing dry skin.


Crystal Treatment

Organic type of treatment which regenerates skin cells, gently removes all the dead skin, and lightens the skin. 

M                                   105 AED

P                                    116 AED

Combo                        168 AED

Tropical Sunset

Organic kind of treatment, good for sensitive skin. It hydrates dry skin, fights wrinkles and helps in fading scars. 

M                                   105 AED

P                                    116 AED

Combo                        168 AED

Luminos Pearl

Brightens the skin, illuminates skin tone, and helps in fading uneven pigmentation for a radiant and luminous skin. 

M                                   105 AED

P                                    116 AED

Combo                        168 AED

Soul Of Almond

This treatment is special for severe dryness of the skin. It contains jojoba oil and vitamin E, for a complete skin nourishment and unmatched glowing.

M                                   121 AED

P                                    142 AED

Combo                        210 AED

Henna Art


Our Henna experts understand the traditional culture and beauty of Henna Art on your hands and feet, whatever the occasion is.

Eye Makeup

263 AED

Define your natural and stunning look with our bright and stylish Eye Makeup.

Day Makeup

368 AED

If it’s a daily routine or a special occasion, oriental stylists and makeup artists help to bring out the beauty in you.

Event Makeup

578 AED

Oriental stylists understand the importance of being beautiful and help you to be the center of attention and bring you to the spotlight.


One Day Lashes

105 AED

Apply our one Day Lashes with your makeup to have the perfect look!

Usable Lashes

158 AED

Apply our Usable Lashes for the perfect look for more than one day!

Full Body

Give yourself the best full body warm wax hair removal session that will remove dead skin cells leaving it as smooth as a baby’s.

wax                                 315 AED

halawa                          315 AED

Half Arms

Half arm wax includes the removal of hand hair too.

wax                                 53 AED

halawa                          53 AED

Full Arms

Short sleeves or sleeveless? A clean arm followed by a conditioning treatment makes them shiny and gives you the feeling of freedom.

wax                                 74 AED

halawa                          74 AED

Half Legs

Based on the customer's needs and requirement, Oriental Spa’s half leg wax is up to the knees.

wax                                 74 AED

halawa                          74 AED

Full Legs

Oriental spa full leg wax makes you move freely with confidence; a hairless leg always looks better.

wax                                 105 AED

halawa                          105 AED


Back waxing aims to give you the best wax results specially when wearing open or low back clothing.

wax                                  53 AED

halawa                           53 AED


When hair grows in unwanted area it becomes inconvenient. Oriental stomach wax gives you the perfect waxing satisfaction.

wax                                  53 AED

halawa                           53 AED

Bikini Line

Oriental Spa’s bikini line waxing follows international hygiene standards and uses internationally approved products.

wax                                  63 AED

halawa                           63 AED

Under Arms

Oriental underarm wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

wax                                  53 AED

halawa                           53 AED

Our Treatment

158 UP AED

It strengthens hair follicles, nourishes the roots, and revitalizes the scalp that leads to natural hair rebirth.

Loreal Hair Treatment

53 - 263 AED

Try Loreal Paris hair treatments for all hair types at Oriental Spa.

Kérastase Hair Treatment

105 - 525 AED

Try Kérastase hair treatments for all hair types at Oriental Spa.

Schwarzkopf Hair Treatment

53 - 210 AED

Try Schwarzkopf hair treatments for all hair types at Oriental Spa.

Hair Roots Straightening Treatment

525 AED

Straighten out your hair's texture and add some extra shine as well.

Hair Straightening Treatment

525 - 2100 AED

It improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

Mask Straightening

368 AED

Smoothing treatment that actually improves the condition of the hair.

Aloe Vera Hair Treatment

158 AED

A great conditioner that leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. It also promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff, and conditions your hair.

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