It is said, makeup and hair style are powerful ways to reveal something unique about your inner self. At Oriental Spa, our expert makeup artists, hairdressers and nail technicians are committed to bring out the best in you. Let Oriental Spa help you rediscover your natural beauty and bring you into the spotlight.


From a simple fringe cut to professional hair treatments, Oriental Spa is the solution. Our expert hair stylists understand your needs and guide you on how to care for your hair with the best internationally recognized hair products.

  1. Fringe Cut
    A fringe always gives a different look. A simple change is healthy.
  2. Hair Trim
    Hair trimming is simple, yet experts make it a fashion statement.
  3. Hair Cutting
    Never go out of style with oriental spa hair cutting experts.
  4. Hair Brushing
    Brushing your hair regularly is an important element of maintaining and rejuvenating your hair. Let us bring out the beauty in your hair.
  5. Hair Blow-drying
    In our expert’s hand, your hair will be the definition of style.
  6. Hair Straightening
    Hair straightening gives a sleek soft look.
  7. Hair Fair
    Straight hair to goldilocks curls, you choose, we style.
  8. Hair Style
    Our experts will make your wish our command when it comes to the style you fancy.
  1. Hair Coloring
    Bring your own fashion statement with Hair colouring that will define your identity
  2. Hair Roots Coloring
    Bring out your hair color ideas and our stylists are there to guide you and bring the beauty to life.
  3. Ammonia-free Hair Coloring
    Oriental ammonia-free hair color is always safe for your hair.
  4. Ammonia-free Hair Roots Coloring
    Oriental ammonia-free root color is gentler on your scalp with every application.
  5. Hair Highlight / Lowlight
    Get noticed. Our stylists will define the beauty and style of your hair and help you standout.
  6. Hair Coloring Retouch
    Retouching maintains the beauty of the hair color as it grows.
  7. Crazy Hair Coloring
    We have a spectrum of colors that best meet your mood.Crazy mood? We have that range too.
  8. Hair Henna
    The traditional remedy for rich hair color and glossy shine, treat yourself with our natural Henna treatment
  1. Loreal Hair Treatment
    Oriental Spa together with with internationally recognized fashion brands and products, has resulted in providing you some of the most exclusive fashion treatments available in the region. Oriental’s Loreal Hair treatment collection, uses its exclusive products to give you the best hair treatment.
  2. KERASTASE Treatment
    For instant hair transformations, treat your hair issues with luxurious conditioning treatments.
  3. Fringe Keratin Treatment
    By softening and binding the disulfide bonds in the hair, oriental fringe Keratin treatment is one of the most sought after hair de-frizzing and smoothing treatments.
  4. Hair Roots Keratin Treatment
    Transforms hard-to-style hair to sleek and manageable tresses. The best hair smoothing treatment.
  5. Hair Keratin
    Give yourself the beautiful, healthy and shiny hair you deserve with you in control.
  6. Hair Botox
    Suffering from split ends or frizzy and brittle hair? Oriental Hair Botox treatment is the solution. This deep conditioning treatment will restore damaged hair by transforming to become healthy and shiny.
  7. Hair Cavier Treatment
    Treatment of diva-iest of the divas do, infused with antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen, as well as nourish your hair making it smooth and shiny.
  8. Hair Collagen Treatment
    Oriental Hair Collagen Treatment works on hair follicles, making them appear beautiful and healthy.
  9. Aloe Vera Treatment
    Aloe vera is a natural hair conditioner that promotes hair growth and leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
  10. Oriental Treatment
    Our signature hair care treatment, combines traditional natural blends, prepared by special techniques. This is proven to nourish your hair while also giving it an everlasting shine.
  11. Hair Extension
    Your wish for immediate long hair comes true with Oriental Spa hair extensions. Without the use of glue, wax or metal that might damage your hair, your hair extensions will be as natural and beautiful as they should be plus, the length you wish.

Makeup Services

Makeup is a powerful way to reveal your unique beauty. Oriental Spa artists will make you the woman in the spotlight.

Define your natural and stunning look with our bright and stylish eye makeup.

If it’s a daily routine or a special occasion, oriental stylists and makeup artists help to bring out the beauty in you and define yourself to the world.

Oriental stylist understands the importance of being beautiful and help you to be the center of attention and bring you to the spotlight.


Bleaching has been known for a millennia as one of the most satisfying facial and skin whitening procedures that can be done to restore and brighten your natural look.Take back your skin complexion with Oriental Spa bleaching packages.

Bleaching your eyebrows will give you the best eyebrow care and restore the natural look.

Brightens your face like a facelift. Be the one to be recognized.

Give your face, neck and chest a complete bleach care for a unified look and the perfect feeling of being cleansed.

Oriental back bleach focusses on your back, and gives the best bleach care your back needs.

Oriental Stomach bleach is the best bleach care you can give to your stomach.

Reward your arms with an oriental full arm bleach, the best bleach for your arms.

After a long day’s work and tiring job, give your legs the rest they need with a full leg bleach.

Have a complete body bleach and experience the perfect feeling of being cleansed and reborn.


The ancient Indian hair removal technique, threading is the best way to remove facial hair in order to rediscover your facial beauty, without sacrificing your natural appearance..

Sometimes, it requires an expert’s hand to perfect the beauty. With upper lip threading, you can redefine your beauty and feminity.

Chin threading removes unwanted hair, leaving your skin soft and smooth to the touch. Threading by the best make-up stylist is what you need on the to-do list.

Sometimes doing chin threading won’t suffice. Do the chin with neck threading to give you a complete clean threading feel.

Full face threading is the complete threading package for you, with the best results.

Nail Care & Enhancement

Your nails are delicate. Healthy, well-manicured nails are an integral part and essence of showing a woman’s beauty. We provide the nail care you need from classic manicure, pedicure, nail art and polishing to nail enhancements such as nail extensions and their removal.

Your nails and feet work hard and as such, should be treated with the care they deserve.

  1. Nail Polish Change
    Nails are one of the most sophisticated fashion ornaments on your hands. Oriental nail experts use internationally recognized methods to change your nail polish without damaging your nails.
  2. French
    The French nail polish is famous for the impression it leaves in our minds. The French nail polish is an elegant look that remains simple, popular and defining.
  3. Shellac Nail Polish
    Shellac Nail polish is a high performance nail wear and crystal shine with less drying time and no nail damage.
  4. Velvet Nail Polish
    Sophisticated and sumptuous, velvet nail polish creates a beautiful plush velvet look in a short period of time.
  5. Caviar Nail Polish
    Have the perfect polish for perfect nails. Oriental caviar nail polish delivers that beauty.
  6. Magnetic Nail Polish
    The new trend in nail design. Our nail artists will create unique designs just for you, to enhance your magnetic nail polish experiment.
  7. Colour Changing Nail Polish
    Now, changing your nail colour is not as complicated as before. Oriental Spa manicure and pedicure team is equipped with a wide range of internationally recognized nail polish brands to satisfy your requirements. Our experts are there to understand your interests and give you guidance on current fashion trends.
  8. Crackle Nail Polish
    Give your nails character and a unique texture that will bring endless possibilities of nail polish design.
  9. Nail Art
    If you consider your nails as the canvas of your beauty, our nail artists will make you the fashionable nail art trendsetter.
  1. Gel / Powder Acryclic Natural
    Extend your nails and define your fashion statement with the help and guidance of Oriental Spa’s manicure and pedicure team, by using artificial tips or paperform and molding nails by applying gel and acrylic powder
  2. Gel / Powder Acryclic French
    Nail extension with artificial tips, paperform and molding nails by applying gel and acrylic powder over the French manicure nail base to give you the best nail polish enhancement.
  3. Refill Full Set Natural
    The natural nail polish needs regular care and touchup to keep up the shine and beauty of the polish. Oriental Refill full set Natural will reapply, file, buff, coat and oil the nails so they look as good as new again.
  4. Refill Full Set French
    The French nail polish needs regular care and touchup to keep up with the elegant look and beauty of the polish. Oriental Refill full set French will reapply, file, buff, coat and oil the nails so they look as good as new again.
  5. Gel / Powder Full Set Overlay Natural
    Having beautiful nails is all about maintaining good nail care. Oriental Full set Overlay gives you the extra nail protection you need, making the nails less prone to breakage or splitting.
  6. Gel & Powder Full Set Overlay French
    Give your nails the extra layer of protection with style by Oriental Full Set Overlay French
  7. Gel & Powder (Per nail ) French
    Your nail extensions can do wonders so why not have different extensions for each nail? Define each nail with luxurious extensions designed by Oriental spa stylists.
  8. Silk Nail Extension
    Recommended for those who have short brittle nails. Oriental silk nail extension gives your nails the recogniziton they requires by extending them with silk, KIRK and STICKR.
  9. Gel & Powder Extension Removal
    Your nail are your fashion canvas and we all know, nail extensions bring out the best nail look you can have. Oriental Spa’s Nail Extension Removal’ helps you remove your nail extensions with care, making them fresh and clean, ready for a new look.
  10. Cut & File with nail polish
    Perfectly cared for nails are the symbol of perfect beauty. Oriental Spa’s team understands the perfection of your nail shaping and ‘Cut & File with nail polish’ is specially designed to do what it says.
  11. Gel Nail Polish Removal
    Oriental stylists are well equipped to remove nail extensions and nail polish with the utmost care, to make them ready for a complete new nail polish or nail enhancement experience.

Hand & Feet Treatment

Your hands and feet do all your daily hard work so it is necessary to relax those muscles and give them care that will pamper those muscles and nerves. Oriental hand and feet treatments are one of the most luxurious spa treatments, designed to provide care and rejuvenation for the muscles and nerves of your hands and feet. This in turn will de-stress your mind and body.

Exclusive oriental treatment, designed to attain the best spa care for your body to de-stress and relax you while using traditional values with state-of-the-art spa facilities.

Oriental Perfect Sense Paraffin is a new paraffin based treatment using electricity-free heating, combining refreshing aromatherapy and powerful formulas designed to address different skin care needs.

For a full pampering experience, Oriental Deluxe treatment provides a combination of spa treatments according to customers requirements.

In alliance with Mavala, one of the award winning natural nail care and beauty products, Oriental Mavala Nail treatment provides the best nail care for beautiful healthy nails.

Our therapists are experienced and well trained to relieve foot pain by providing Oriental callus foot treatment using extra care on the fragile skin on your feet.

Oriental Thermal Young Spa is a wellness spa treatment combined with natural spa programmes to de-stress and relax your body and mind.

Henna Art

Our Henna experts understands the traditional culture and beauty of henna art on your hands and feet, whatever the occasion is.