Oriental Fitness programs are principled and created on the philosophy of reinvigorating yourself. We, at Orinetal Spa understand that getting fit is all about becoming beautiful. Our fitness programs are tailored in such a way, that everyone can achieve their goals and fitness levels with the assistance and guidance of our trained fitness trainers.


Oriental Fitness program is hailed as one of the most spacious and well organized Fitness facilities in Abu Dhabi, equipped with a wide range of user friendly equipment in a state-of-the-art fitness training environment. Oriental Fitness program trainers are well trained and equipped to instruct and guide you to set for yourself to excel in your training program and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Other than cardio machines, workout benches and stations, Oriental Spa provides Fitness and dance classes, aqua aerobic sessions, swimming classes and pool services.

Oriental Spa has modern anti-aging treatments such as Endermolift, Power Plate and Lipomassage which is a patented slimming process, resulting in a more refined figure and naturally firmer, smoother skin.


At Oriental Spa – Al Bateen Branch we understand the importance of exercise in our everyday life. Our fitness center is built to ensure our guests have a comfortable space by utilizing the best fitness equipment. Our fitness center provides spacious, customized wellness areas and supplies fitness facilities to suit all your needs. Catering to your own fitness level, abilities and age, our dedicated personal trainers are here to assist you with all your fitness goals.


Oriental Spa, Al Bateen offers exclusive membership packages, giving you access to our Fitness Facilities and related services. Choose the membership package that best meets your requirements:

  • Platinium Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Silver Membership
  • Pool Membership

Contact Oriental Spa to find out more about membership packages and related information.


Oriental fitness programs are developed and designed to cater for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Our certified fitness trainers will guide and support you to achieve your fitness goals and continue to challenge yourself to higher levels.

Oriental Spa understands the importance of being fit, is all about staying healthy and active. Our fitness trainers have created different types of fitness activities, focusing on different age groups and fitness requirements. Our trainers will provide you with guidance through an individualized class schedule or with a group. Dance is an entertaining fitness activity which may also be attended in a private, or alternatively group sessions.

Using the principles of Acceleration TrainingTM to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration, Power Plate is one of the premium vibration-exercise machines powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities.

Our aqua aerobics training is not only aerobic, but also strength-training, oriented in an enjoyable atmosphere created by Oriental Spa. With our professional trainer, you don’t only work out, you actually enjoy the time spent doing so. Aqua aerobics is ideal for those who would like to work out without putting pressure on their joints.

Our swimming pool and trainers are the best, and we are proud of them.


Lipomassage is a patented slimming technique which reactivates the fat release process and removes the localized fat and imperfections, making treatment of cellulite possible. The result is a more refined figure and naturally firmer, smoother skin. Our experts will evaluate your requirements, figure and beauty goals and will provide you with a customized treatment program.

LPG Lipomassage is an absolutely pain free natural slimming treatment. It slims down the upper body and helps in removing the fat deposits such as cellulite.

Oriental therapists understand the requirement of our customers and provide the LPG treatment based on your needs. LPG Targeted Treatment provides treatment to specific body parts, under the care of our therapists.

LPG body wear is the body care package Oriental Spa provides to the customers to have their LPG treatment. Oriental therapists train and provide instruction on how to use and explore the maximum benefits from the LPG treatment.


Endermolift is a non-invasive, targeted, rapid and effective anti-aging treatment for women of all ages. Endermolift replenishes the skin and reduces the signs of aging. Keep your face fit and beautiful while at the sametime keeping your body fit.

Give your face a glow and face lift, and remove the signs of aging with Endermolift Glowing treatment.

Eliminates toxins and promotes the circulation of energy flow throughout the skin and acts as an effective anti-aging treatment.

The perfect eye care, the Enermolift Total Eye provides the best skin care around your eyes, reducing the signs of aging.

Endermolift Eye & Lip is a targeted face care treatment for a naturally firmer and smoother look.

Endermolift Anti-Aging treatment brings immediate results of a glowing complexion and a naturally lifted effect.

Your figure and beauty goals are fullfiled by Endermolift Decollete & Bust treatment.

Endermolift treatment is provided based on customer requierements.

Knowing the importance of Endermolift in shaping the perfect body figure, Oriental Spa is providing the customers with an Endermolift kit, so that everyone can explore the Endermolift by themselves. Our therapists will train you on how to use Endermolift kit and maximize the benefit of Endermolift care.